Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Release Day!

Mmmm.... I love the smell of new books in the morning!
It's Tuesday and that makes it new book day!
And even better, I've got a new book out today.
Well, sort of. I am one of five authors to provide a story in the Unbound anthology. My novella is entitled, "The Dead, The Damned, and The Forgotten." If you haven't picked up your copy yet, run down to the store and pick it up. The anthology contains stories from Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Pettersson, and yours truly.

Here is a brief description of Unbound:

"Kim Harrison reveals a hidden adventure, as Jenks and Bis investigate a strange haunting ... and find far more than they ever expected. Melissa Marr delivers her first adult story, featuring a young woman struggling to escape the supernatural fate of her family. Jeaniene Frost goes to New Orleans, where Bones must face down a ruthless pair of serial killers, while Vicki Pettersson returns to Sin City and the war between Light and Shadow, and one man's fight for his soul. Jocelynn Drake's tale is set in Savannah, where a strange murder calls the balance between human and nightwalker into question."

If you want a sneak peek, here is a link to the first chapter of the novella. Take a look and then go buy the book!

Also, the ladies of Unbound and I are sharing new release Tuesday with debut author Tracey O'Hara. Another Eos/HarperCollins author who has a fantastic new book out called Night's Cold Kiss. In fact, I'm running a giveaway for the book now. Scroll down to yesterday's blog entry and leave a comment.

Here's a quick description of the book:

"For centuries war raged between the humans and Aeternus vampires—until the efforts of the courageous on both sides helped to forge a fair, if fragile, peace.

But the rogue, vicious, and half-mad Necrodreniacs will never be controlled—addicted as they are to the death-high…and bloody chaos.

Since witnessing the murder of her mother, Antoinette Petrescu has burned with fiery hatred for the vampire race—even for Christian Laroque, the noble, dangerously handsome Aeternus who rescued her. Now an elite Venator, Antoinette must reluctantly accept Christian's help to achieve her vengeance—even as he plots to use the beautiful, unsuspecting warrior as bait to draw out the bloodthirsty dreniacs. "

Be sure to check it out!


Anonymous said...

I got Unbound in the mail last week. I'll be cracking it open this afternoon.

Jessica Kennedy said...

Did you know it's available in Kindle format? AT $9.99!!!!!!!!!! WTH!?

The paperback is available at $7.99.

This just doesn't make sense!

Good grief.

Congrats on the release. I'll see if I can pick it up today. :) Or wait for the Kindle price to get reasonable!

Jocelynn said...

Yeah, Amazon's pricing on the Kindle edition is a little wonky. I've seen them do that with several books just after they were released and then mark them down to regular price after a couple weeks.

darkstarpoet1 said...

you can rest assure imma be getting it on payday for sure

Tracey O'Hara said...

Jocelynn, Kim, Vicki, Jeaniene and Melissa - I am so stoked to share this release day with you all and will be getting my copy ASAP.