Friday, July 17, 2009

Fresh Ink

We are entering last days of the initial contest in this Contest Extravaganza. Be sure to enter your name by posting a comment in Monday's entry. (Just scroll down). I'll be drawing the winner on Sunday so be sure to stop back and see if you won the hardback edition of Dead Witch Walking.
Against my better judgement, I took the week off from writing. The edits for Book 4 took their toll and my brain is fried. I did a little plotting, but mostly worked on organizing this contest. I'll be back to work this weekend, writing and plotting out Book 5.

In the meantime, I stopped by the tattoo parlor this week to have my latest tattoo looked at and touched up. Yes, I caved back in June and got my second tattoo done. I couldn't help it. Some major things came up in June and I needed something to help me relax. For me, getting a tattoo is like a painful massage. It works out some of the tension, and the artist I go to is pretty darn funny, so I get a good laugh while I'm there, too. Actually, the guy is pretty brilliant as well. I love his work and I'm proud of what he has put on my back.

In case you missed it, I got my first tattoo back in April of an hourglass. I have an obsession with time, so it seemed only natural that I get an hourglass.

For my second tattoo, I wanted something bigger and a little more abstract. So, here it is at long last -- the picture of my second tattoo. It covers most of my back and may be the last one I get. I have two more in mind, but I'm trying to put them off for a while. I've gotten two tattoo in less than three months. I need to slow down or I may be crying for an intervention from some loving friends. :)

That's all I have for today. Be sure to enter the contest if you haven't already. I will have the winner announced on Sunday and a new contest will be announced on Monday!

Have a great weekend!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Jocelynn!

Beautiful design, looks like a beautiful set of wings is going to burst from your body. Maybe like a chrysalis of a butterfly yet to be awaken. Quite cool.

Dottie :)

Jocelynn said...

Thanks. I'm quite fond of it myself. The tattoo artist is brilliant. I came in with half an idea and he gave me that. It's awesome.

Miki Quick said...

Hey Jocelynn,

Those are some heavy-duty lines; how long did it take. I love it! =)


pattepoilue said...

Ohh WOwwww.... it really looks like wings!
This is really beautiful...i've always wanted to get a huge tattoo like that on my back but i haven't had the courage to do it yet. My only tattoo is a small one on the inside of the wrist.
I'm not sure i'd bear the pain of such a huge one.

Your time is not up...your Hourglass is only half empty ;)

cait045 said...

That is beautiful and unique and not like anything I have ever seen. Extremely cool tattoo

jennilovevirgo said...


We were just talking about tattoos last night at work, I'm going to have to tell my friends about your new tats, I think they would appreciate them.

I myself, am too chicken to get a tattoo, lol.


Candace said...

WOW. I remember when you got the first tattoo- didn't know that you got more! It looks amazing!I'm curious as to what is going to go in the middle!

Tracey O'Hara said...

I LOVE it - it's very pretty and stylized. Also have agree with Dottie - a lovely set of wings. And I love the way it frames the hourglass. Beautiful.

And from an ink addict - I think you need more tatts LOL. I'm planning my next :-)

Jessica Kennedy said...

Looks great! I'm with you! I had mine done recently and I immediately started planning more!

If only money grew on trees!

They are not the cheapest things in the world!

Cat said...

Dude! Those are beyond awesome. And yes, getting inked is so addictive! I have to space mine every couple of years since I have boring things to pay for like, a house and a car and food. But I am so in love with tattoos. These are brilliant!

Wendy said...

Jocelynn, that design is so lovely! I love it. :)

Heather C said...

Love the tattoos!!! I'm saving up for number 2 myself. I have a set of multi-colored stars on my ankle.

Alexia561 said...

This is beautiful, but all I can think is "ouch!" Something so large must have hurt like mad!