Friday, June 12, 2009

A Night of Fun

Tonight is my night off. Actually, it turns out that I've pretty much taken the whole day off except for 2 hours of work at my dayjob this morning before my flight. Today, I am in Charlotte, NC for a Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction concert. If you've not learned this about me yet, I am a huge NIN fan. I've plotted and written four books to NIN music. Trent Reznor manages to capture the full range of Mira's moods.

So, I've flown a few hundred miles to see NIN and Jane's in what will probably be the most awesome concert.

I'm taking my camera along in hopes of snagging a couple good pictures. Fingers crossed.

But don't worry, my agent and editor if you are reading this, I have also brought along my edits for Book 4. I will be working at some point this weekend. It's not all fun and games for Miss Drake.

Well, the time is drawing close and I'm so excited I'm positively giddy. Can you imagine it? A vampire writer that's giddy? Frightening, I know.

Catch you later and have a great weekend!!