Sunday, April 19, 2009

Found Internet

Yes, I found some Internet! Yeah, I know. At this point, I realize that finding Internet shouldn't be so difficult. I just hate paying for it. I'm sitting in a McDonald's in Kississimee this morning, eating my sausage biscuit and I'm loving this whole vacation thing.

Yesterday was fantastic, but exhausting. I got off the plane, picked up my rental car, and drove straight to Disney World where I met with my family. Due to the brilliance of my sister-in-law, within 60 minutes of landing in Florida I was screaming and laughing my head off on Space Mountain. And to add to my luckiness, yesterday was the last day that Space Mountain was going to be open before it is shut down for 6 months due to repairs.

From there, we rode a bunch of rides, saw at least 2 parades, and ate WAY TOOO MUCH food ... but then again, they've got some good food in the Magic Kingdom.

The bad news: I got a little sunburned on my forehead and my glasses were broken. I think it may have occured on Big Thunder Mountain when they were crushed in my pocket. (A side note: I advise trying that ride at night. It's even cooler in the dark).

Today, I think we're off to Epcot for some adventure.

My feet are sore from walking, but I am so ready to head back into the fray today. This is great prep work for the Romantic Times Convention.

Oh, and one last thing: yes, I actually started the opening scene for Book 5 while I was on the plane ride down. I'll admit that I'm a workaholic.

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