Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Editing, Editing, and Yes, More Editing

I'm deep in the land of edits, but at least I know I'm not alone. I've glanced around on Twitter recently and I think I've counted at least a half a dozen other authors that are up to their respective eyeballs in edits. Must be that time of year.

I am happy to report that the first 100 pages of Book 4 have been edited. Of course, I had a feeling that the beginning of the book would go quickly. It's the last 150 pages that have me worried. By then I get so wrapped up in the plot that I sometimes forget about the minor details like setting, dialogue tags, breathing.... the minor things.

So far, my biggest pet peeves are the word "slightly" and the phrase "for a moment". If I could strike both from my vocabulary completely I would be a very happy camper. Actually, I'm currently on a crusade to eliminate all adverbs from the book, but I'm having mixed results. I can say that after 100 pages, I've eliminated several and added only 1.

To add to my editing joy, I received an email from my publisher today that reports that I will be receiving my First Pass edits for my novella in the Unbound anthology tomorrow. I was sort of expecting them, but I am reluctant to put down one project for another. I would rather finish my work on Book 4 before beginning the novella, but it just can't be. At least the novella is less than 100 pages. I should be able to burn through it in a matter of days.

First Pass edits are my last chance to catch typos. I can make only LIGHT changes. Catch a misspelled word, a wrong word, a missing word. That's about it.

All right. Enough chatter. I've got a book to edit and some characters to torture. Poor Danaus.

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