Saturday, December 6, 2008

Accomplishment Through Procrastination

I received word late on Friday from my editor that my edit letter for Book 3 will be arriving on Monday. So, if I'm going to get anything done between now and the middle of January, this is the weekend to get it done. I was thinking that I would work on Book 4.

Yeah .... well .... the day didn't quite work out that way.

My mom started the morning off with an extremely early Christmas shopping trip and I elected to join her. I figured this might be my one shot to get anything done. I am happy to report I think that all of my Christmas shopping is done. I'm just waiting on a couple online orders to arrive and then I AM DONE!

So you would think that after accomplishing my Christmas shopping, I would start working on the book....

Well... not quite. I then completed a couple loads of laundry and watched several episodes of House that I had from Netflix. And now ... I'm watching Live Free or Die Hard. A Brilliantly Violent Movie. Hey it'll get me in the mood for vampires.

So at this point, I will freely admit that I have reached the point of procrastination. I should be spending my evening working on Book 4, but this may be my last night off for a month and I'm going to spend it watching a cool movie. Tomorrow I will work.