Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Blank Page

I’m at my usual weekend spot, but I’m not feeling my usual poetic, introspective self. I’ve got the novella on my mind. In fact, I’ve had the novella revisions on my mind for more than a week now. I’ve poked and prodded; I’ve pinched, ripped, and nearly shredded this thing, as I try to get it into the shape I think it needs to be in. I’m getting close. I’m down to the last two chapters. There is only one lingering frustration – the word count. As I complete the edits, I try to imagine what my editor would say and I keep coming up with “Jocelynn, you need to expand this scene.” I wish I could, but there just isn’t enough room in this 25,000 word manuscript to expand any of the scenes.

Okay, so I’ve got one other frustration. I created a character that I’m starting to really fall for. He turned out to be more fun than I had initially expected and I wish I had more time/room in the novella to play with him. Isn’t that always the way? There’s never enough time. He’s one that I’m going to have to find a way to come back to in other stories.

I’m hoping to finally finish this thing up this weekend and hand it off to a friend of mine for a final read-through before I hand it back in to my editor. After that, it is finally back to Book 3. I’ll admit that Book 3 has been a bigger frustration to me than either Nightwalker or Dayhunter in the initial draft. I think there have just been too many interruption in this one that I haven’t been able to keep my focus on the manuscript. But, getting the novella done will take some pressure off my shoulders and allow me to get a little work done.

And since it’s the weekend, here is your dose of the Muppets.

Have a good weekend!

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Chris said...

I'm sure Book 3 will go better for you soon, with the novella and the laptop incident behind you.

And thanks for my Muppet fix. :) I led a deprived childhood without them.