Thursday, July 31, 2008

RWA Conference

The hotel is a madhouse, with voices bouncing off the marble floor and floating up to the ultra-high ceiling in the lobby. People are chatting and laughing in small group scattered around any open area as old friends catch up. But then, every conference is a madhouse and I don't know why I'm surprised by it. I guess it comes from being locked behind a computer constantly that I sometimes forget what it's like to be around so many people at once.

However, today I've sought refuge in the quiet of my hotel room to try to get some work done on the plot of Book 3. It's slowly coming along as I rearrange scenes in an effort to get everyone where I need them to be. I'll be headed to a website launch party and a cocktail party later today. In the meantime, it's all work and no play for Jocelynn.

Last night was my first signing and considering that my book was out for only 24 hours, I think it went really well. Several people were drawn in just by the cover. Come on, you've got to admit it. It's a kick-ass cover. I have another small signing scheduled for Friday, I think. Yeah, I'm not exactly organized today.

In other goodness, here are a couple pictures of my books on shelves in a couple bookstores. I popped into my local Border, who gave me very nice placement, and Waldenbooks, who also gave me very nice placement on their wall. I wasn't able to find my books in Barnes & Noble, but I'm planning to hit the stores again when I get back into town. I think their shipment might have been delayed by a day.

Finally, in case you missed it, The Book Smugglers posted my Q&A interview on Wednesday. Here is a link so you can read it.


Freedom Star said...

Yeah, the B&N orders were delayed by almost a day, at least at the ones in my area. I didn't pick it up until the next day, but I made up for lost time by reading straight through :)

Hope you're having a great time in SF!

Chris said...

You look radiant in that photo. :)

Have a great time at the conference.

Anonymous said...

I bought Nightwalker from Barnes&Noble just last night. It's really good! Thanks for the treat!