Monday, June 16, 2008

Refrigerator Poetry: Part 4 (I think)

Okay, I honestly can't remember how many refrigerator poems I've written, but making this number 4 sounds like a good plan.

For new readers to my blog, I have a set of magnetic words ranging in relatively wide variety plastered on the front of my refrigerator. Every once in a while, I'll stand in my kitchen and try to come up with a new poem. I tried to make this one a positive poem and failed miserably. Blame it on the book edits. I don't write happy books and I think it's reflected in my poems.

So, here is this month's poem. Enjoy

In case you can't read it, it says:


Skin like honey

Drunk on your blood like chocolate


I bare my dreams of raw need

Whisper our symphony of sweet love


Singing at me

Is a bitter black void."

1 comment:

Rurality said...

Ooh, so you have the magnetic poetry "plaintive dirge" edition!

Just kidding, actually I like it a lot. :)

P.S. The rss feed is working again yay!