Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Best and Worst

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Best Parts of Being an Author:

1. Daydreaming with a Purpose: Due to my publishing contract, I am obligated to daydream about my characters and the world I’ve created. This can also be called plotting, outlining, or laying out current and futures books.

2. The Secret Password: This is where I try not to squeal like a total fan girl as I am introduced to some of the greatest minds in my field. And the best part is that these authors are some of the kindest, funniest, and most compassionate people I’ve ever met. At conferences, we sit around and talk about deadlines, edits, and characters that won’t behave. I get to be a part of a very special club and I am truly honored.

3. A Paycheck: I get paid to write about vampires. Seriously. Is there anything cooler?

Worst Part of Being an Author

1. Deadlines: As a contracted writer, I'm now writing on a deadline. There’s no more using the excuse of needing inspiration to hit. Writer’s block won’t fly with an editor. And there’s no more “I just don’t feel like writing.” I have a deadline. I meet my deadline. End of Story.

2. Reading?: Due to things such as deadlines, I no longer have time for casual reading and it’s rare for me to read in my own genre – which is also my favorite genre. Time and a fear of being influenced keeps my nose in my own book.

3. Hello? Hello? Hello?: This can be a lonely business. When you take out the blogs and random emails, it comes down to just you and the computer for long stretches of time. You get lost alone in your world for months at a time. And when you surface again with a finished book, you wonder: “Is my editor going to think I’m crazy?” As time passes, your social skills dull and you wonder why talking to yourself is such a faux pas.

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