Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Video Games and Silly Dreams

It's back to the grind tomorrow. I gave myself one more night off and tonight was video game night. So, as a treat, I pulled out all my various copies Guitar Hero as well as my PlayStation 2, and played until my fingers screamed in pain ... then I played two more songs. Ahh... I love those games.

It's perfect for me. I have no musical talent. No rhythm, no timing. But with a little practice, I can rip through some of my absolute favorite songs like an expert. I haven't bought my copy of Rock Band yet simply because I have a short story and book 3 to writer before October. I can't afford the potential distraction.

If you've played either Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you get to name your own band and play through a career that takes you through different venues, from your friend's backyard to the ultimate outdoor summer concert festival. Naturally, the songs become more difficult as you go through the game.

The names of my bands have been:

Guitar Hero 1: Suicide Sleepover
Guitar Hero 2: The Cids
Guitar Hero 3: Sugar Monkeys
Guitar Hero- '80s Version: The Ravens

I do have two bands started over on Rock Band, but I can't think of both names. One is called Stinky Cheese.

If I could be in a band, I can't decide whether I would want to play the lead guitar or the drums. Maybe I could be a maverick like Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and do both. But not sing. I can't sing.

My bands sound would be an aggressive alternative rock, but still produce the occasional fun song. A Puddle of Mudd, Three Days Grace, Korn mix with some Nine Inch Nails anger thrown in for good measure.

So my question to you, dear readers and bloggers, is:
What would you name your band?
What would you play?
What would you sound like?


Freedom Star said...

I dunno about a name for my rock band, (probably something to do with candy, harry potter, or swing dancing) but I would definitely be a vocalist. I can't play any sort of rock-ish instruments...

and on a side note, I'm on the harper collins first look program, and each month they send me a list of books available for advanced reader editions for reviewing, and guess what is on the list this month... :D You got it! Nightwalker! I've filled out the form to see if I can get my hands on an advanced copy. I won't know until June, but fingers crossed!


Jocelynn said...

Very cool! I hope you get a copy.

Kelly Gay said...

Usually I'm a lurker, but Rock Band . . must comment since we just got it a few weeks ago.

My daughter (7) named our band "Tears of Blood" (It's the name of Justin's favorite band on the Disney show Waverly Place). She plays a mean guitar and has the headset microphone, so she sings at the same time and continually gets these amazing scores. I'm "Pippa" from London, and I'm thee worst drummer who ever lived!!

I'm so bad, that I had to start my own band The Dumb Drummer so that me and the Hub can play without making my daughter lose all her fans!