Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Big Thanks

It's been a blah kind of day. I have spent most of the day watching my Nine Inch Nails tour DVD and plotting various books that I am working on. Today is my last day off from Mira and the Gang. I usually try to take a week break between projects so I can look at stuff with a fresh pair of eyes. I should take longer, but time simply doesn't permit. And in truth, I can't take off more than a week. I find myself missing Mira, Danaus, Tristan, Jabari, and the others far too much. I can't wait for Nightwalker to be released so I can start hearing which characters are everyone else's favorites.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has left a comment on my Blogspot or my LiveJournal posting. Your eagerness and enthusiasm is truly touching. I wish I had enough ARCs to give to everyone. Unfortunately, I received a grand total of 6. Two have been pulled aside for contests (with a slight chance for a possible third entering the mix at a later date).

For those just now stumbling across my blog after hearing about this contest, here is a description of Nightwalker, which is due for release on July 29.

For centuries Mira has been a nightwalker--an unstoppable enforcer for a mysterious organization that manipulates earth-shaking events from the darkest shadows. But elemental mastery over fire sets her apart from others of her night-prowling breed...and may be all that prevents her doom.

The foe she now faces is human: the vampire hunter called Danaus, who has already destroyed so many undead. For Mira, the time has come to hunt...or be hunted.

But in a dimension just beyond the world's boundaries, a banished race stirs dangerously, hungry for power, for domination, for vengeance. Already a protective seal has been breached: already blood flows like a river through the world's great cities.

And only the collaboration of two sworn enemies can save humankind...and its feral brethren.

Thanks again for your support and excitement. If you haven't entered the contest yet, scroll down to the previous post and leave a comment. The contest ends on Friday, June 6.

Now, it's time for me to get back to work.

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Freedom Star said...

Only 56 more days and several hours left! WOOHOO! This book is going to be one of the highlights of my summer! We need more summer book releases. That's when I have the most time to read.

Now I have a question for you. Would you consider blogging about any summer plans you might have? All the schools are starting to let out and people are probably planning or already leaving for vacation. Got anything special planned?