Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Muse-Less Mira

Continuing with yesterday's theme of muses, I wanted to talk a little about Mira and the Dark Days Series.

The series actually started as a short story, which actually started as a writing experiment. I wanted to write about this dark, mysterious man. He came with his own muse, oddly enough. I saw him while flipping through a gaming magazine years ago. He was dark, grim, and deadly -- he was perfect. Looking at that picture, I instantly knew it all. I knew his past, the sound of his voice, the smell of his skin, and the feel of his hands. I knew watching him fight was like watching the ballet; grace, beauty, and balance.

But Danaus was also reserved and private. He wouldn't be willing to tell his own story, so I needed a storyteller.

For Mira, there was no specific muse or inspiration. Mira simply opened her mouth and I knew everything there was to know about her. I had been perfecting her over a series of short stories until I finally found the perfect home for her. Mira doesn't need a muse. She had way too much personality, far too much to say.

For me, writing the Dark Days series is like watching someone else's life. I'm here to relay what is happening in their world. I just feel honored that they let me into their lives.

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