Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mass Signing

If you haven't been to the Romantic Times Convention, then you may be unaware of the fact that there is a massive signing on one of the last days. Today is that massive conference. Unfortunately, my book is not out yet, so I didn't get to join in the fun. However, I did wander around and take pictures of all the authors that I know. This time next year, I'll be sitting among them. So, here they are (in no particular order), all the nifty writers that I have met over the years and at this year's conference!
This is the amazing Jenna Black:

This is the sweet and funny Jeanne Stein:

This is the way-too-young Caitlin Kittredge:

This is the brilliant Jeri Smith-Ready:

This is the positively darling Jeaniene Frost:

This is the wickedly bubbly Jackie Kessler:

This is the lovely Richelle Mead:
This is the severely warped Mark Henry:

This is the wonderful Keri Arthur:

This is the superb Kelley Armstrong:

This is the angelic Rachel Vincent:

And finally, the simply wicked Kim Harrison:

The rest of the day is light and I'm headed home tomorrow. I hope you've enjoyed these little glimpses of the convention. I'm sure I'll be posting more thoughts on the conference during the next few days as I have more time to digest everything I heard and saw.


Freedom Star said...

YAY! Thanks for the pictures! Can't wait to hear more stories!

Rachel Vincent said...

Ha! I'm angelic, huh? ;-)

And you have the honor of having taken the single most goofy picture of me at the entire conference. That I saw, anyway... ;-)

Jocelynn said...

"angelic" ... yeah, well ... I was also running out of adjectives toward the end ... just kidding! I'm glad I got the honor of the most goofy pic. I've got a special talent for those.

Christine said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! :)

Rachel is adorable... what is she thinking 'goofy'?!