Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Contracts and Video Games

My day job is wearing me out this week. Ugh. So, I haven't made quite as much progress as I would have liked. During past few days, I have been reading over a contract that my agent sent me. It's for the short story I am providing for an upcoming anthology with four other authors. As far as I can tell, the contract reads very similar to my series contract. Unfortunately, I can only read small bits of the contract at time. All the legal mumbo-jumbo makes my eyes go cross and my brain cells stall out. It ain't pretty.

But it's not been all work.

So, what do I do when I need to relax?

Well, it's not read. I wish it was. I really, really do. But I can't read while I'm writing or editing. I'm scared of something I'm reading influencing my writing. If I'm lucky, I will get the chance to sneak in a couple more books this year. I think my writing schedule might be a little more flexible next year so I can catch up on some reading.

But I digress... When I've got some down time, I play video games. My favorites are the "Final Fantasy" series and "Guitar Hero." I may also soon find myself addicted to "Rock Band." My brother recently picked it up and I've had lots of fun playing it. Which is sort of strange. I freely admit that I have no musical talent, no rhythm, and I'm pretty much tone deaf. Maybe I like it because it is such a challenge for me. Regardless, I'm a little hesitant to pick up a copy. I'm worried that I might send a drum stick through my TV in a moment of frustration. (shhh... yes, I have a temper to match my red hair.)


Princess Allie said...

Guitar hero is a good one to be addicted to. Makes me feel smart.

Rinda Elliott said...

Zelda. Starcraft. Age of Empires.

I feel the same way about reading, especially reading in our genre. I will pick up something I'm pretty sure will be different, but when I really want to relax? Video games.

Chandra Rooney said...

Kingdom Hearts 2. I have a somewhat unhealthy fascination with the concept of a young adult running around various world hitting things with a giant key. :)

Christine said...

We got "Guitar Hero" last December-it's terribly addictive. I also have absolutely NO musical talent whatsoever. My husband, however, is talented. He's one of those people who hears a song once and after 15 minutes playing around on the piano or guitar he's playing it note for note. Thankfully he passed those genes to our kids. So everyone plays like a rock star around here.... well except me, of course. I'm the comic relief. *sigh* ;)

Jocelynn said...

Ha ha! Guitar Hero rocks! I made fun of it when my brother bought it. I played just for laughs and I was totally addicted by my second song. Musical talent is not necessary. I've got the heart and soul of a rock star.

I LOVE Kingdom Hearts 2! I started playing because of the Final Fantasy characters. There's some banter between Cloud and Leon that had me rolling! Just perfect.