Thursday, February 7, 2008

Short and Sweet

In reviewing some of my recent posts, I've discovered that I have grown long winded and rambling in my writing. So in the interest of brevity, tonight will be a short post, I promise.

There's not much to report. My car is out of the shop and after being without her for almost a week, it's good to have her home. I missed my lovely car. I am working on book 2, which is slowly progressing. I have sworn that I will have it done before I attend the April conference -- fingers are crossed.

If you love the urban fantasy and are looking to keep up-to-date on all that is happening in the genre, I happened across a great site: Urban Fantasy Land. Be sure to stop by and check it out. Better yet, add it to your bookmarks. I did.

P.S. Also stop my Rachel Vincent's blog and leave her some well wishes. She's sick. But you might want to wipe off your keyboard afterward. I'm not entirely convinced you can't catch a virus over the Internet. I've exchanged emails with her while she was sick and ended up sick the next day. Seriously. True story. Would I lie to you?


Freedom Star said...

Aw, I like the long blog posts! Gives me something nice to read after a day of classes. And I've already been over to Rachel's blog. She's like a super woman, she writes and blogs and runs errands and reads, and manages to find time to get a hold of arcs and chocolate and line up giveaways. I'll take your advice and wipe off my keyboard. But I think I might've passed my cold onto her. Got sick with laryngitis last week.

I didn't know about Urban Fantasy land! It's my favorite genre, so I'll definitely pop over for a look. It looks like there's a really good list of UF authors and books that look interesting.

And because I'm just so excited that I have to spread the news....the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's YA "Twilight" series, Breaking Dawn, is coming out on August 2! *party*

Jocelynn said...

I did see the Meyer news on Publishers Lunch today. I haven't read her Twilight series, but it's really hard for me to find the time. However, I am looking forward to the release of her adult fiction, "The Host." The premise sounds fantastic.

I have no doubt that I will be getting back to the long posts soon. I can control my rambling in novels, but not it blogs.

daydream said...

I go with freedom star when it comes to the long blog posts. They were quite satisfying and Rachel's been ina giveaway franzy. That woman is like Santa to me always giving away books. How can you not love her? Tell me and she writes and blogs, while she is sick. Imagine how hard that is and she just goes on and on.

UFL is very hectic too. So many posts in sucha short time. Hard to keep up. Tez fits so well there too. Glad she gota column there.

Freedom Star said...

I'm also looking forward to The Host. I'll be hopping over to the nearest bookstore when the book comes out to pick up my copy. :)