Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Joyous May

I’m back to blogging and writing, after finally shaking off the last of the illnesses that have plagued me for the better part of two weeks.

At the risk of showing my age, (which isn’t that bad but I get the feeling that I’ve got a few readers out there who are still working their way through high school and college while I am more than a few years from both) I am very excited about how the year is lining up.

What do you mean, Jocelynn?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

While grabbing lunch today, I heard on the radio that Scott Weiland is reuniting with Stone Temple Pilots and they will be playing the Rock on the Range concert this summer in Columbus , Ohio . I am not a huge fan of STP, but they harken back to when I first got interested in music, so my heavy musical influences tend to be grunge (a la Nirvana, STP, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc) and industrial (a la Nine Inch Nails). I saw STP years ago with Red Hot Chili Peppers and I really enjoyed the concert. I can’t wait to hear them again.

What’s more, it’s the Rock on the Range concert! I went last year, and it was freaking awesome. It’s at the soccer field in Columbus and has at least two enormous stages with bands constantly playing – and these are killer bands. Last year, I saw Buckcherry, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, ZZ Top, Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, and lots more. This year, some of the bands include STP, Kid Rock, Three Doors Down, Flyleaf, Red, Filter, and lots more because they’ve extended the concert to two days instead of just one. I will be in concert heaven in May.

And May gets better…

Because that is when the new Indiana Jones movie hits theaters. (happy dance) I grew up watching the Indiana Jones movies. They were a staple of my childhood and Saturday afternoons. They are the perfect combination of action, drama, and comedy. Most movies don’t fit that mold anymore. So many are just dark action-drama or silly action-comedy. They were just awesome.

Today, they also released the first trailer for the movie. Be sure to check it out. My fingers are crossed that this new installment into the series lives up to the other movies.

So, April is the RT conference in Pittsburg , May brings a massive concert and Indiana Jones, and July holds the RWA conference in San Francisco and the release of MY BOOK! We just need to squeeze in a Foo Fighters concert, a trip to Las Vegas , and one more trip to New York , and it will be a full year.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Is this a bad time to tell you Weiland's back in rehab? He's expecting to maintain the dates already set, though. We shall see!

I'm looking forward to meeting you at RT! I hope we get a chance to connect.

Jocelynn said...

Yeah, I saw that he's in rehab, but most stars are in rehab, right? Seeing STP again would be great, but the concert overall would be great even if they didn't play. So many wonderful bands! I was lucky enough to catch STP once, I can't complain if I don't get to see them again.

Can't wait to meet you at RT!

daydream said...

I am very glad that your at full health and back blogging. It seems that you will be havinga fun year ahead! Have lots of fun and be sure to amke awesokme photos too please.

I love Indiana! I grew up with the movies and I have a bit of that adventure streak in my blood. Well at least in my writing.

Freedom Star said...

Yeah, you're right about the 'readers in college.' I'm halfway through my first year. And good to hear that you've recovered! I too am recovering from a bad bout of the flu.

Can't wait for Indiana Jones! I can only remember one of the movies so I'm excited about this one.

Chandra Rooney said...

It is my goal to create a timeless male hero like Indiana Jones.

Shia LaBouf's in the movie, too, and I find him charming. :)