Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chatting with the World

A little background before I actually get to the point of this post...

In case you didn't know it, I maintain two different blogs. One on Blogger and another on LiveJournal. I like both for different reasons and both have pretty much exactly the same posts. However, on one blog, I have some tracking code attached to it so I check out how many people are hitting the blog and where they are coming from. (Hey, my day job involves websites and pageviews, monitoring this data gets addictive.)

So, I was digging around my Google Analytics today, checking out the different information regarding pageviews during the past month and I think what surprises me the most is the broad reach of my blog. I mean, I'm an author without a book on the shelves yet, but people around the world are checking in on my blog, keeping up on my general insanity and random eccentricities.

What is shocking is that of the countries that I get the most hits from Bulgaria and New Zealand are in the top 5! Within the U.S., the top 5 states include Kentucky (my home state), New York (my agent checking up on me to be sure I am behaving), California, Ohio, and Maryland. My books tend to span the country and the globe, so I will be sure to try to have my characters visiting the places where so many of my blog readers live. I know it sounds trite, but the world feels a little smaller now and my own corner of it is a little less isolated.

But to finally sum up this longer-than-intended post, Thanks! Thanks to everyone who visits my blog on a regular basis. Your visits, comments, and questions humble and flatter me. For those awaiting the release of my book, I hope it meets your expectations and leaves you anxiously awaiting the second book. I promise to keep you posted on the progress and give you tidbits on the world and characters I've created.

In earlier blog posts, I introduced you a little to Tristan, a character that plays a minor role in the first book. Later this week, I will introduce you to Mira, my main character


daydream said...

Wow, my little country made it to top FIVE! I didn't know I was giving you so many hits and yes even in Bulgaria your blog is addictive. Me like it.

PS: You are welcome.

Freedom Star said...

Woo-hoo! Go CA!

Christine said...

I tried to do this on my blog, too, using Extreme Tracker, but it wasn't working. I'm going to try the one you use. It'll be fun to see where visitors come from! :)

Anonymous said...

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