Thursday, October 11, 2007

Home Again

I am finally home again after an unexpected delay. I was supposed to fly home on Wednesday, but ended up staying an extra night. I made the most of it by finally attacking the nightclub scene in Vegas. On Tuesday night, we checked out the clubs at The Palms, which is technically off the Strip. This is the same hotel that hosted the MTV Music Video Awards a month ago. While we didn't see Rain -- the nightclub was closed on Tuesday, as are many nightclubs in Vegas, but attended the Ghost Bar, Moon, and the Playboy Club. All three were very nice, and not particularly crowded at the time. However, I would say that the big draw for any of those is the view. All 3 are on the 50th floor or higher, and Ghost and Moon both have outdoor areas. From that height, you can see all of Las Vegas laid out before you and it is positively breathtaking.

Wednesday night we managed to get into one of the hottest clubs in Vegas right now, LAX. This club has been open about a month and is located at the Luxor. It is run by the same company that has Pure, which is another extremely hot spot and is located at Caesar's.

As a treat for my last night, I elected for Bottle Service. For the extremely packed, exclusive clubs, this is the ONLY way to go. It can get very expensive, but I thought it was worth every penny. Bottle service gets you a table, at least one specific bottle of alcohol (we chose Bombay Sapphire Gin), all the mixes needed to make your drinks, a personal bartender for your table to make all your drinks, a bouncer for your table to protect you from all the riff-raff, access to private restrooms (none of that waiting in line with everyone else in the extremely packed club), and an assortment of other people who make sure that your area stays neat and tidy. If you schedule bottle service ahead of the open of the club, it guarantees that you get in, which can get very questionable on weekends or if there is a celebrity planning to attend the club. It is also the only way to sit down in the club -- all seats are a part of bottle service. So, for 5+ hours at one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, I was treated like royalty and it was fabulous.

We are already discussing which club to hit on the return trip to Vegas and do bottle service. Right now, the top runners are Pure, Tryst, and Tao. Though, it will probably be a little while before I go back and clubs pop up and die quite frequently. The top hot spots could be completely different in a few months.

As a side note, even without bottle service, LAX is amazing. Beautiful people are packed in like sardines, the drinks are great, the decor is exquisite, and the music was awesome. While I didn't see any celebrities, it was definitely the place to be. Quite wonderful. I highly recommend it if you are into the nightclub scene. If not, Red Square remains my favorite mellow bar in Vegas.

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