Friday, August 31, 2007

The Revisions Have Officially Begun!

After roughly two weeks of plotting, sketching, and outlining (not to mention some frantic brainstorming while standing in a parking lot with my CP), I have finally begun the process of actually revising my book, Nightwalker. So far, the first chapter was the hardest. Not that it had a lot of revisions -- there are far more difficult chapters later in the book. It was more of sinking back into the mentality of the book. While I am working on the revisions of book 1, I've actually finished writing book 2 already and I am about half done with book 3. For me, my characters have changed, grown, and in a few cases died. It was difficult to take a few steps back and return to the beginning of it all.

But, after pushing myself through that first bit and focusing on only Nightwalker, it was like coming home. Mira and I are back in sync, as twisted as that may be. The world Mira lives in has welcomed me back with open arms and all I can say is "Oh, god, it's sooooo good to be home again."

I will be posting a progress meter on my blog and I'll keep you updated on any writing tips I pick up along the way. So far, the changes have been relatively minor -- sort of. In terms of word count, I have just added a line here and a line there. The most so far has only been a medium-sized paragraph. However, those carefully placed lines have not only given more depth to a main character, but added a new layer of depth to the book and a new direction. Sometimes it's scary what you can accomplish with a few chosen lines. Of course, by the time I finished the second chapter, I just had to shake my head -- my editor is a freaking genius.

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